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Question 1:

“Where can I host a Christmas office party that serves good food and caters for big groups in Camden?” – Ali, 30, via Email.

My suggestion: Blues Kitchen Camden (111-113 Camden High Street, NW1 7JN)



I firmly believe that the Blues Kitchen Camden was created by the bar gods for this exact moment, Ali! It’s a bar that’s perfect for office party hijinks as the live blues music really gets the crowd going and the venue also serves a tasty southern inspired BBQ Christmas menu (their dancin’ chicken is sublime!) So want good food and dance your ass off* with your colleagues? This is THE choice for you.

*I can’t be held responsible for the sudden loss of buttocks.

Question 2:

“It’s been a while since a friend and I hungout due to conflicting university schedules. Could you recommend a Christmassy place for us to visit before everyone heads home for Christmas break?” – Jason, 22, via Twitter.

My suggestion: The Lodge Clapham (409 Clapham Rd, SW9 9BT)



I’m glad you came to me with this question, because if it’s been a while, then you should probably maximize your quality time with your friend! The Lodge is certainly a fun place to hang out, as their selection of various ski-themed food such as west country fondue, fondue swiss, and other platters require a minimum of two people to share. Serving hot cocktails, seasonal small plates and having the lodge fully decorated with skis and fur-seats, The Lodge could become a spot where the two of you could always come to, at least once a year going forward.

Question 3:

 “Looking for a festive place to celebrate Christmas Eve! Do you know a good spot in Leicester Square?”Timothy, 25, via Facebook.

 My suggestion: Prince Charles Cinema for a screening of “It’s A Wonderful Life” (7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY)



Why not countdown to Christmas by getting pumped up by watching one of the most festive movies of all-time? It’s A Wonderful Life is one of the most acclaimed movies ever made, and some claim it as the most inspirational movie that’s ever been created (take that Rocky!). The film is about a man who’s driven to the edge and contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve. His guardian angel intervenes and shows the protagonist a vision of how life would have been for all his loved ones without him having ever existed. Thought-provoking and uplifting, It’s A Wonderful Life is a must watch! The only fitting venue for the film in London is the Prince Charles so prepare to laugh, cry and get yourself psyched for Christmas!

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