Mocktails in West London

Welcome to Dry January, 2017! We made it, people! Instead of just having a virgin Cuba Libre, why not try some of the best mocktails in west London?

The Light and Breezy

Rum Kitchen (1st Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, W1B 5PW)

Some might argue that it’s a waste not ordering a rum based cocktail at the Rum Kitchen, but fret not, true believers! The Caribbean-themed Rum Kitchen does an excellent job of hosting a variety of tasty mocktails including our favorite, The Light and Breezy. The Light and Breezy consists of elderflower, orgeat syrup, lemon & apple juice and the mocktail is just so refreshing that it makes you feel like you’re hanging out in the sandy beaches of Jamaica. If you had a very wild new years like we did, maybe something light and breezy might hit the spot ;)?


Bloody Shame

Mark’s Bar (66-70 Brewer Street, W1F 9UP)

Would it be so bad if you didn’t have a Bloody Mary at Mark’s Bar? Not really, considering Mark’s Bar’s virgin version of the hugely popular cocktail, the Bloody Shame, is just as good and won’t give you a hangover! The mocktail consists of Mark’s secret Mary mix, tomato juice, lemon & celery and is every bit savory as it is delicious. Mark’s Bar doesn’t shy away from being a pretty cool bar either, so how about you take some of your close friends and hang out in this underground bar? It would be a bloody shame if you didn’t!


Jasmine Tea Mojito

Crazy Bear (26-28 Whitfield Street, W1T 2RG)

Crazy Bear sounds like somewhere you’d go for a crazy new years celebration, but in reality, it’s a relaxed place with a fantastic ambiance. Their very tranquil Jasmine Tea mocktail Mojito is spectacular and is a combination of mint, lime, demerara sugar, apple juice and jasmine tea. A perfect mocktail if you’re looking for something that’s slow and steady!



Redemption (6 Chepstow Road, W2 5BH)

Dubbed as London’s first ever alcohol-free bar, Redemption does what you seek to do, and that’s to redeem yourself of guilt. All your favorite cocktails converted into guilt-free mocktails. Not convinced yet? Well how about you give their Coco-rita a try? The mocktail consists of coconut water, lime and agave syrup which is then shaken over ice and served in a salt-rimmed glass. This is real redemption and will make all the sinners in west London bow down to its greatness.


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