40 Years of Jazz: The Triumphant Fasching Lives On

Stockholm’s Fasching has slowly become recognized as one of the best jazz clubs in Sweden. Since they first opened in 1977, they’ve been playing music from various genres and promoting up-and-coming talent. With over 350 events each year, ranging from jazz to hip-hop, it’s one of the busiest clubs in the world.  As they are celebrating their 40th anniversary later this year, let’s get in to the swing of things and check out one of Scandinavia’s finest establishments.


Upon entering the club, you immediately pick up scents of whiskey and wine from the glasses of patron in the club as you walk past the newly renovated bar and the newly cooked entrées from the restaurant. You will also be able to hear the rhythmic beating of a snare drum that is accompanied by saxophone, piano, and various wind instruments from the stage. You can expect a musical journey through some of the best compositions that jazz has to offer.


Fasching opened in the late 70s and, in contrast to other clubs in Europe at the time, was open to all nationalities. This progressive choice helped it cement its place internationally as it attracted some of the best talent from around the world including Louis Hayes, The Weeping Willows and Christian McBride. As it’s been opened for 40 years, many inhabitants of Stockholm claim that Fasching has become one of the city’s main cultural institutions.


Despite the club’s history, Fasching hosts a variety of fantastic club nights every Friday and Saturday from midnight until 4 am! Club Blacknuss on Fridays has resident DJs hit the crowd with not only jazz, but also a nice medley from various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, reggae, and disco. Their staple club night on Saturday, Club Soul, has been around since 1993 and the night consists of the following genres such as disco, soul, funk and even Latino sounds.


Fasching aren’t pulling any punches for their 40th year anniversary. Famous musicians from all type of genres such as Britain’s jazz queen Claire Martin, American hip-hop legend Pete Rock, and Sweden’s king of contemporary folk Daniel Lemma are some of the big acts that will help make their anniversary one to remember. They’ve shown that they’re still an institute of jazz as they attract buzz nationally and internationally, so here’s hoping that Fasching remains the hub of jazz for many years to come.


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