The Ultimate 2017 Oscars Drinking Game

The Academy Awards is always electrifying for moviegoers, from the ooh-la-la moments on the red carpet to the heart-warming and hilarious acceptance speeches. This year, why not add a little heat to the award show by playing a drinking game?


Take A Sip…

  • Every time La-La Land wins an award.
  • Every time Chrissy Teigen does a meme-worthy face.
  • Every time anyone cries during an acceptance speech.
  • Every time an award recipient gets cut off during their acceptance speech.
  • Every time Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel, laughs at his own joke.
  • Every time there’s an awkward silence due to a bad joke.
  • Every time there’s a terrible music number.
  • Every time that the producers shows the ex (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend) of the award recipient.
  • Every time there’s a thinly veiled attack on Trump.


Take A Shot…

  • Every time a celebrity decides to curse.
  • Every time Jimmy Kimmel does a Matt Damon joke.
  • Every time the Oscar producers think it’s time for a Jack Nicholson close-up.
  • Every time a member of the audience cries during one of the acceptance speeches.
  • Any time a presenter does a Travolta and butchers a recipient’s name.
  • If an award recipient makes an old dad joke about their kids who should be sleeping.
  • If the winner of Best Makeup and Hairstyling gets to finish their speech.
  • Every time there’s an outright attack on Trump.


Finish your drink…

  • If there’s a wardrobe malfunction (looking at you, Emma Stone!)
  • If La-La Land doesn’t win a single event (it has 14 nominations)
  • If there’s an unexpected kiss.
  • If Suicide Squad wins an Oscar.

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