20 Unusual Drinking Customs Around The World

The fantastic thing about the world we live in is the fact that you’ll never get used to the unusual drinking customs around the world. Whether that’s screwing up by clinking with water (which leads to 7 years of bad sex) to toasting 20-30 times during meal in Georgia. That’s what makes so many countries unique, as no one drinking culture is one the same. So let’s check out some of the most amusing and unusual drinking customs around the globe!



It’s customary to have appetizers known as “Bite” whilst drinking. Bite consists of different spicy meats like chicken and beef. It’s considered disrespectful not to supply Bite if you’re hosting the party.


You may only drink until the cup is half-full in Thailand. If you drink more than that, it’s considered very rude. The only way you can finish the entire glass is if the oldest person in the group leaves the table.


It’s customary to share one beer and one glass amongst a group of friends in Peru. The person who first pours the beer must take a “shot” of beer before passing it on.


If you’re drinking in a large group in South Korea, make sure to always pour to the oldest person first. It’s considered shameful to do otherwise.


It’s considered disrespectful for a younger person to hold their glass higher than their elders during a toast, so make sure not to do it!


If you’re going out with a group of friends, everyone is expected buy a round for the group. This act is known as “Shout” and it’s incredibly rude if you fail to comply.


You can’t start drinking before everybody says cheers (Kanpai). If you drink beforehand, its seen as extremely rude.


A couple aren’t considered officially married until they’ve had traditional palm wine at their wedding.


There is a traditional drink called Kumis which is actually fermented horse milk. The custom states that if there’s any remaining kumis in a glass, it has to be poured back in to the bottle.


Russians love to do long toasts and its tradition for said toast to end with a joke. Empty glasses and bottles are also stored under the table rather than on top of it.


Make sure to never do a toast without alcohol. If you do, you’ve just earned yourself 7 years of bad sex.

Italians believe it’s customary to drink either water or wine with a meal. Anything else is considered blasphemous.


Hungarians don’t like “clinking” their glasses together when toasting. The reason behind this is because that’s how Austria celebrated when they assassinated 13 Hungarian politicians in 1848.


Women always get their drink served first in France and glasses are only filled half-way. It’s also considered barbaric to pour your own drink.


Sharing or finishing someone else’s drink is considered extremely rude in Czech Republic. You will most definitely come across as either weak or gluttonous for doing it.


Apparently at Ukrainian weddings, if the bride doesn’t keep her feet on the floor at all times, her shoe will be stolen. Several guests will then proceed to drink alcohol straight out of the shoe.


Toasting is no laughing matter in Georgia. Some meals will see over 20-30 toasts and non-Georgians are expected to do a toast or two of their own!


The Netherlands has a fun way of drinking whiskey known simply as The Head-Butt. It requires one to bend and pick up a shot of Whiskey with your mouth and then finishing the drink with a beer.


In order to serve port wine without spoiling it, the Portuguese usually open their bottles with red hot tongs and some ice.


Iceland actually has two alcohol related holidays! One being Beer Day in March and the other being  Verslunarmannahelgi (The Shopkeepers’ holiday) where people go to the countryside to camp and drink alcohol.


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