Vintage Velvet Vodka Embraces Organic Infusion

For a couple of years, Gabriella Thorpe worked at the prestigious wine journal, World of Fine Wine. She noticed that even though English wine might be exciting and is one of the fastest-growing markets in the alcohol game, that there was room to expand her repertoire. By combining her love for wine and noticing the lack of grape-infused vodka in the market, Thorpe was ready to revolutionize the infusion market by creating her own brand, Vintage Velvet Vodka.


Normally, vodka is a neutral spirit that is devoid of any distinctive colour, taste, aroma or character. Regular vodka can be created using grains, potatoes, sugars and fruits and then these ingredients are fermented to produce alcohol. These properties are then distilled into the spirit and you will be able to determine what alcohol percentage you want for the vodka by using purified water.The thing that makes Velvet Vodka stand out compared to its counterparts in the vodka market is the method in which it’s created and its taste.


From the get-go, Vintage Velvet stands out as they use sugar beets as the base of their vodka, which gives it a smooth consistency and a hint of caramel.  As Gabriella is a huge fan of local ingredients, the sugar beets are locally harvested, then granulated and dissolved into East Anglian spring water. The vodka is then distilled twice using craft methods that require copper stills. The ingredient that makes Velvet Vodka so ‘vintage’ is English chardonnay grapes, which gives its signature taste. The selection of grapes come from one of the oldest vineyards that’s located in Cambridge. Thanks to the quality of the grapes, the vodka achieves a very delicious taste and an aroma that makes the vodka truly one of a kind. The bottle has a lion as their symbol which has often been synonymous with Great Britain. The choice for the design was simple, as Gabriella felt that it’s a natural symbol for all Brits to identify with.


For the time being, Vintage Velvet Vodka are still trying to find their footing in the world, but it hasn’t stopped them. They’ve even managed to win awards from such publications such as Spirits Business. Thorpe’s hope is to “become the biggest label in the infusion vodka market”. Vintage Velvet are looking to export to different countries and that will hopefully lead to more vodkas been created in the future. While the market is hard to break into, the future Is exciting for the independent and savvy Gabriella Thorpe. She’s more than capable to establishing herself as one of the major players in the infusion vodka market. We can’t wait to see what she’ll achieve next.

You can buy yourself a bottle of the delicious vodka here.


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