Thomson and Scott launches first ever Mother’s Day package

The trendy champagne company, Thomson and Scott, have announced that they will be creating a Mother’s Day package of their three signature bottles this year. The package contains three bottles which are their famous low-calorie Skinny Champagne, Grand Cru Rosé and their newest addition, Skinny Prosecco.


Thomson and Scott are a champagne company that have risen to prominence in the last couple of years thanks to their dynamic duo of founders, Ian and Amanda Thomson. After spending several years as a BBC reporter, Amanda Thomson felt that she needed a career change. Amanda took a wine course in Paris and she shortly discovered that it was possible to make tasty champagne without adding sugar. This led to the creation of their signature beverage, Skinny Champagne, which filled a gap in the champagne market. There are only 67 calories per 100ml of the champagne which they say allows people to indulge without having to “feel bad about it afterwards”.


It was a happy coincidence that their champagne ended up being both vegan and organic. A collaborator of the couple mentioned that you had to get your product certified before you could label it as organic and vegan. Luckily for the couple, their product didn’t need any changes and got the certification which allowed them to sell Skinny Champagne as both vegan and organic. Their Skinny Champagne and Rosé were simultaneously created, and originate from the chalk slopes of the Grand Cru village of Verzy. The Skinny Prosecco was created in North-East Italy. The 3 bottles were created in the regions which are known for being the respective beverages birthplace. It provides the authenticity that Thomson and Scott are striving for.


Thomson and Scott are hoping that this is the start of a yearly tradition. Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year for the company, as they feel their package is the perfect gift as “flowers are just not good enough”. The Thomson and Scott Mother’s Day package is available in markets including the UK and Europe and is priced at £105 here in the UK.


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