Fair’s New Liqueur Embraces Acai Berries Popularity

Fair, a fair-trade certified drinks company, has recently released a new acai berry flavoured liqueur. The new drink, Fair Acai, is the seventh addition to their collection and will keep their tradition of being a fair-trade product.


Fair’s acai drink has their trademark organic sugar, and the taste of the drink is a great balance between alcohol and sweetness. The aroma of the drink is that of blackberry and raspberry jam.


Fair was created back in 2009 by Alexandre Koiransky in France and is known as one of the world’s first fair trade certified alcohol brands. They ensure that all their farmers are paid a fair price, which enables them to cover their production costs, living conditions at the farm, and to educate the farmers children and build schools. When asked why he wanted to create a fair-trade drinks company, Alexandre Koiransky replied “”I was already a fair-trade coffee lover, and I wanted to bring this world into spirits.”


The acai berry has become a popular flavour in the alcoholic beverage industry. Absolut Vodka has released their own Acai Vodka which contains no sugar whatsoever while Veev have created a similar liquor as Fair. Following their charitable suit, Veev donates 1% of their acai liquor sales towards rainforest preservation and other environmental causes. The trend of the acai berry derives from the breakfast item, acai bowl, which is an acai berry smoothie that has steadily become a breakfast trend amongst health-conscious millennials.


The reason why the acai berry has become such a hit is thanks to its health benefits as the berry does wonders for your metabolism, skin and hair. It has fats that are healthy for your heart, fibres that are helpful with digestion and antioxidants that are good for weight loss. The acai berry can boost your immune system and is also a useful source for energy.


The Fair Acai liqueur is available in markets including the UK and Europe and is priced at £17.95 here in the UK.

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