Chase Vodka Celebrates A Decade of Excellence

Chase Vodka, the premium vodka company, will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year. The creator of Chase Vodka, William Chase, is no stranger to success. He created the immensely popular Tyrrells  several years prior, which served as the starting point for his premium potato vodka.


Chase Vodka’s library includes a variety of beverages including their trademark Chase Original Vodka, smoked oak vodka, rhubarb vodka, apple vodka and a vast collection of liqueurs including the fan-favourite Chase Elderflower Liqueur. The vodka is notoriously known for being tremendously smooth, and for also having a delightfully sweet and creamy taste.


The company was created back in 2007 by William Chase in Herefordshire and it’s even been named as the world’s best vodka. It won that prestigious title back in 2010 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition beating over 249 other vodka companies.  When asked why he wanted to create yet another potato related product, William Chase replied, “I wanted to remain in farming and produce a great tasting product we could make from potatoes”.


Most critics believe that the success Chase Vodka has achieved stems from the company’s great dedication towards the process of making their product. From the get-go, Chase Vodka stands out as they use potatoes and apples as the base of their vodka, which gives its signature taste. The key ingredients that makes Chase into a premium vodka is the use of specialty potato varieties such as Lady Claire and King Edward. There is a preference of quality over quantity at Chase Distillery as surprisingly, 16 tonnes of potatoes only manufactures 1000 litres of vodka. Luckily for Chase, this didn’t diminish the taste of the vodka as it had a “supreme quality over all of the of the other mass produced vodka”.


Despite general concerns with the amount that was originally created, Chase Vodka has become a popular beverage around the globe, creating a vast portfolio of various alcoholic beverages. As a fun way to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, Chase are hosting a competition where a lucky winner could win a Land Rover 90 which is worth over £15,000. While the market is hard to break into, Chase have done the remarkable, leaving fans of the product impatiently waiting for something new!


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