Gin Tales Offers Adult Twist To An Easter Classic

The hip gin company, Gin Tales, will be releasing a finely infused bottle of Hot Cross Bun Gin for Easter. Gin Tales are hoping to capitalize on the nostalgia that’s associated with the traditional baked treat, but still offer something delicious for the adults in the family. The company advises you to “leave the buns and the chocolate for the kids” and to give their drink a whirl.


For our international readers, a hot cross bun refers to a spiced sweet bun that’s made with currants or raisins, which is topped off with a cross on the top. The treat is traditionally eaten on Good Friday in the United Kingdom.


Gin Tales are a gin company that have established themselves in the last couple of years thanks to their founder, Fiona Flood. After spending several years as a copywriter, Fiona Flood saw an opportunity to create gin. What started as a passion project where only family members got to try their products, soon became a business in North London.


Gin Tales pride themselves in only using fresh, natural ingredients as they do not use any added chemicals or sugar. A typical hot cross bun has caster sugar, however, the company relied on using the natural sweetness that you get from the citrus fruits and sultanas which is required to replicate the hot cross bun flavour. By doing this, Gin Tales don’t break their own rule of using natural ingredients and create the flavour needed to make an authentic Hot Cross Bun Gin.


A charming aspect to the Hot Cross Bun Gin is the fact that each bottle can be personalised, making this the perfect gin for either for your friend or family member.


Gin Tales’ Hot Cross Bun Gin is available in markets including the UK and Europe and is priced at £30 here in the UK.

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