Stoli launches vodka with real fruit juice leaving others “Crushed”

Stoli, the well-known Soviet vodka brand, will be launching a new line of vodka called Stoli Crushed. The vodka will be one of the first premium imported vodka to use real fruit juice and be devoid of high-fructose corn syrup. They will be launching two flavours, pineapple and ruby red grapefruit which are currently two of the most popular flavours amongst vodka brands.


President and CEO of Stoli Group USA, Patrick Piana, said “the real fruit juice category is on the verge of explosive growth as consumers today are craving easy-to-mix spirits and real flavours.”


“With Stoli Crushed, we are looking to elevate the category and to widen our spectrum of Stoli consumers.  We are tremendously proud of the high-quality Pineapple and Ruby Red Grapefruit flavours we developed and are marking this as our biggest innovation to date.”


As the first company to introduce flavoured vodka in 1962, it seems only fitting that Stoli Crushed uses real fruit juice. The new beverage is an extension of the new Stoli Gluten Free range which is a “completely new gluten-free recipe” comprising of corn and buckwheat. The drink will be produced at the brand’s production facilities in Riga, Latvia.


Stoli Crushed will be distributed to retailers in the US in May. The 750ml bottle will be sold for $16.99 and will be released in Europe later this year.

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