World’s Strongest Beer, ‘Snake Venom,’ Is Back In The UK

Scottish craft brewery, Keith Brewery LTD, will be re-releasing their famous Snake Venom beer here in the UK after a limited run back in 2013. Snake Venom is the world’s strongest beer with an ABV of 67.5 percent. This is more than 15 times stronger than your average lager or ale.

Originally known as Brewmeister, a group of venture capitalists from Dundee bought out the company and re-branded it as Keith Brewery back in 2015. The vision stayed the same though, as they “were tired of watery beer and wet lager” and wanted to create something tastier and unique. They have since created a custom-built brewery in Speyside, where they have 10 people involved and now export around the world.


Keith pride themselves in using all natural ingredients. There are no chemicals and the beers are crafted using water from their own private well.


Apart from a short stint in the UK, Snake Venom has only been available to customers who lived overseas. Due to the huge demand for the beer, Keith Brewery felt it was time to unleash the beer on their UK clientele once again. The beer has “a sweet, nutty aroma, a fruity flavour” but the high ABV packs a punch and “the alcohol is not masked”. Snake Venom comes with a certificate of authentication, certifying its high ABV, but also with a warning; you’re only meant to drink a small amount from a tiny dram glass.


The 330ml bottle of Snake Venom will be sold for £54.99 and is available in the UK right now.

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