Cloudbreak Spirits Launches Low-Sugar Coconut Rum

Cloudbreak Spirits, a newly formed drinks company, will be launching a brand-new line of coconut rum called Aluna. The rum will have a significantly lower sugar content than a lot of its competitors. This is an excellent move by Cloudbreak Spirits as there’s been a huge boost in health-conscious products.


The Aluna Coconut Rum has an ABV of 35% and takes inspiration from several places. For its trademark toasted coconut flavour, Aluna takes its inspirations from Guatemala and the Caribbean. It also has a Cajun background as the word, Aluna, translates to ‘moon goddess’. The bottle also has a mandala design, which is a term for a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos. Aluna’s mandala label combines the moon and a coconut, a fitting design for the rum. Another reason why Cloudbreak Spirits wanted to incorporate a moon goddess is because they built their drink around the theme of empowerment. When asked about this, Cloudbreak Spirits Director Heather Graham said: “We’re delighted to be launching Aluna Coconut at this time. Our brand world is built around a central theme of empowerment – particularly amongst women for whom this generation has conferred greater independence, liberty and self-determination”


The rum is distilled from pure cane juice, which makes the rum a lot lighter and smoother and gives it a lot of natural sweetness. This removes the need for a high sugar content which is often found in other rums. The company prides itself in being all-natural as they’ve only used ecological ingredients which gives their rum a non-synthetic flavour.


Heather Graham also said: “We’re confident this brand positioning, alongside the delicious flavour affinity of rum and coconut, coupled with a lower sugar content and clean, natural taste will appeal to our core target market of women and men aged 21+.”


Aluna Coconut Rum is currently being distributed by Harvey Nichols in England and will have a full UK release later in the summer. The 700ml bottle is sold for £28.50 and has plans for an international release late 2017 – early 2018.

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