Pops – The Summer Sensation of 2017

If there’s one thing that people get nostalgic about around the summer, it’s ice popsicles. But British based company, Pops, is looking to play on these emotions by combining ice popsicles with a range of alcoholic beverages. The premium brand is backed by various celebrities including The Chainsmokers, Idris Elba and Miley Cyrus and is set to be the summer sensation of 2017.


Pops first launched back in 2014, as two school friends, James Rae and Harry Clark, saw a lack of alcoholic popsicles in the market. The duo had a vision to incorporate the nostalgia of eating frozen treats but also adding an alcoholic twist. The two friends also wanted to add premium characteristics to their product, so they took the decision to create the world’s first champagne flavoured ice popsicle which they dubbed as Classic. Since then, they’ve also created a decent roster filled with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic flavours such as Strawberry & Mint, Apple & Elderflower and Moscow Mule.  Pops have always incorporated natural ingredients with their product and opted out of using high levels of sugar. Thanks to this decision, their products have a lower calorie-count which has tested well with foodies around the world.


A reason why Pops will become a huge summer sensation is because the product is the perfect addition for frozen cocktails, which is going to be a big drinks trend according to The Guardian. The reason why it’s so perfect is because when the popsicle is melted, it can create an endless amount of combinations with a wide variety of frozen cocktails. In addition, co-founder James Rae believes that Pops will be popular among revellers at summer festivals and in clubs, describing it as “a perfect cool me down and pick me up.”


Despite their broader appeal, Pops is marketed as a premium brand and is stocked at several high-end bars like Mews of Mayfair, The Ivy, Fortnum & Mason and Bunga Bunga. With several of these bars creating their own signature popsicles, Pops will be the cool trend of the summer.

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