Baileys Launches ‘Popular’ Iced Coffee

The Irish coffee liqueur juggernaut, Baileys, has recently released a range of alcoholic iced coffee called Baileys Iced Coffee. The two flavours that were released, Latte and Mocha, were seen by market research as the two most popular flavours in the iced coffee category.


Baileys Iced Coffee is made with real milk and Baileys Irish Cream. It has a 4% ABV and is available in a 200ml can. Despite launching the product a few months ago, the product is still very popular as iced coffee sales in Great Britain have grown by 44% in the last two years.


Baileys are confident that their product will be beneficial for retailers as well, as they will be able to take advantage of the trend, which is projected to generate double digit growth by 2020. Baileys have also added a six-figure marketing investment where they’ve targeted digital, social and other media. They’ve also signed on to be the lead sponsor of the hit reality series Made in Chelsea for three seasons. The popularity of coffee continues to rise in the United Kingdom as sales figures have been through the roof as there’s been 18 billion cups consumed in the last year.


Baileys Iced Coffee is currently available in stores in the UK. The 200ml bottle will be sold for £1.90 and is also available in cases of 12.

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