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Ask Kev

  Use the hashtag #AskCrowdit throughout Facebook and Twitter or email to get in touch! If you want to remain anonymous then send an email to Question 1: “Where’s a fun place to have late-night cocktails in Soho?” –  Amanda, 27, via Twitter. My suggestion: Zenna Bar (77 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3SH) Considered a local […]

5 Festive Drinks in London

The festive season is upon us, so why not get ready for Christmas by consuming the best festive cocktails in London?   Winter Wonderland London Cocktail Club (Goodge Street, W1T 1TL) Why would you go to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, when you can instead go to London Cocktail Club and try their super scrumptious Winter Wonderland? […]

3 Unconventional Places To Host A Christmas Party

Finding a venue for a Christmas party can be quite difficult, so we’ll do you a favour, as we’ve compiled a list worthy of your awesome party!   Cahoots (Kingly Court,  W1B 5PW) Ever wanted to get drunk in a train during the Blitz? Well now you can thanks to the built-in train carriage at Cahoots! […]

Ask The Bar Fly

Having spent most of his childhood at bars (don’t ask), he’s developed quite the vast knowledge about the bar scene. Luckily for us, The Bar Fly has been provided the ultimate platform, so he’s ready to answer any questions you have! We can’t tell you who he is, but we’re more than ready to learn […]

5 London Bars That Will Guarantee A Second Date

The first date can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome for some relationships, so we’ve tailored this list to maximize your potential for making a great first impression. We’re rooting for you!   Bounce (121 Holborn, EC1N 2TD) Do you know what people like? A risk-taker! So why not take a leap of faith […]