Crowdit is launching in Poland this week, and we’ve got a pot of golden deals to celebrate.

This weekend, we’re painting Warsaw a Gaelic green with some fantastic St Patrick’s Day deals! To coincide with our launch in Poland, we’ve teamed up with Play, one of the country’s leading mobile network operators, to provide their customers with exclusive offers. Customers that download the app will be able to access drinks deals from two of Ireland’s most famous exports – Guinness and Jameson Whiskey. In selected venues across the city, users will be able to (sham)rock out all weekend long.

The campaign also gives participating venues the chance to test run the Crowdit platform as part of our first brand led campaign in Poland. That means they’ll be able to upload all their events and deals directly onto the app to boost their digital visibility. They will also be able to send instant messages to users who ‘favourite’ their bar and, thanks to our location based technology, to users who are passing by. What’s more is that our analytics system will allow them to find out exactly how many Crowdit users have visited their bar and how long they’ve stayed.

Jameson Whiskey, along with Guinness, will be running exclusive deals through the app this weekend

The campaign will last from Friday 17th March until Sunday 19th March and the promotions are exclusive to Play customers. Guinness are offering a free St Patricks Day hat, or a free pint of their distinctively dark stout, to anyone who buys a round of 3 drinks. Jameson Whiskey will be showcasing their new drink – a delicious mix of lime, ginger and Jameson – which they’ll be giving away for free. Talk about luck of the Irish!

If you’re a bar manager seeking to increase footfall and sales in your venue, click here to find out more. Alternatively, if you work for a drinks brand, click here to find out how Crowdit can help you promote your products and gain deeper insights about your customers.

How We’re Digitising the On-Trade Industry

Crowdit is set to transform the on-trade industry.

For months, we have been meticulously indexing every bar, pub, and club across the world so that consumers can intuitively search their city. At the same time, we are forging a global network of on-trade businesses, connecting bars and drinks brands with our dynamic platform. These elements are the bedrock on which we are building the Crowdit ecosystem, and the foundations from which we will bring the digital revolution to the global bar industry. Here are the 5 pillars of our strategy:

1) The App

Consumers connect to the platform via our app, gaining access to a comprehensive digital directory of their city’s barscene. Each on-trade venue has been uploaded to the platform with a whole host of tags, enabling users to filter bars by location, facility, product, or promotion. This year will see the implementation of personalised recommendations, enabling the app to suggest specific places, events, deals, and brands. We’ll also be integrating mobile payments to build a seamless bridge between the digital and the physical.

2) The Platform

As a dedicated on-trade platform, we can guarantee that businesses will be promoting to an engaged audience. Bars that have joined our network will stand out from the crowd, capturing the attention of customers who are actively searching for venues like theirs. They can list their events and deals to boost their visibility, and send instant messages to users that are passing by. Crowdit is also a powerful mobile marketing tool for drinks brands, enabling them to create interactive campaigns that link their adverts directly to their stockists.

3) Analytics

The analytics that we provide to businesses is where Crowdit truly shines. Unlike other solutions, our platform provides bars and brands with a deeper understanding of their business, enabling them to chart the success of their marketing efforts and track their return on investment. Our marketing data allows companies to check how their reach is expanding and how their engagement is increasing; our customer data allows them to learn more about the people who are visiting their venue or buying their beverages; and our location data gives them a view of how many people have visited their bar or stockist, and how long they stayed inside.

4) Insights

With a global userbase of over half a million, we already have a rich set of data from which we can draw insights and analyse trends in consumer behaviour. This clearly has a practical application for what we can provide to businesses on our network, but it also allows us to shine a light on one of the least understood industries in the world. The scarcity of available data on the on-trade industry has been much lamented, but by analysing search data and – soon enough – payment data, Crowdit can begin charting the colourful waters of the global barscene.

5) API

We cannot transform the on-trade industry alone. As we began growing our userbase and expanding our network, we realised that we had too valuable a resource to keep to ourselves. That’s why we built an API of our digital database. We want other companies to join the revolution and bring the barscene to the 21st century.

This year we will be scaling out to 50 cities across the world, augmenting the app with new features, and continuing to accrue a rich source of data. With machine learning, location-based technology, and of course big data, we are becoming the ultimate on-trade resource.