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Question 1:

“Where’s a fun place to have late-night cocktails in Soho?” –  Amanda, 27, via Twitter.

My suggestion: Zenna Bar (77 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3SH)

Considered a local gem for many, Zenna is an Indian-themed cocktail bar which has a variety of unique cocktails and uses sub-continental flavours and ingredients.  Apart from having mouth-watering Indian food, a DJ blasting your favourite hits and throwing in some authentic Bollywood songs, Zenna makes sure that their cocktails are like no other, so play around and find the cocktail suited for you (my favourite is Le Fizz). If you want a crazy night out, or just want to kick back and relax, Zenna has you covered on all fronts!


Question 2:

“I want to go bowling! Where can I go?” – Charlie, 21, via Email.

My suggestion: All-Star Lanes (95 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL)

All Star Lanes on Brick Lane is a perfect shout for a fun night out bowling. With fantastic music, a variety of signature cocktails (pro tip: their “I Love NY” is amazing) and classic American meals there’s no way you could go wrong!

All Star Lanes also has a variety of arcade machines that have a lot of people get super competitive over (I would know as my friends kept trying to beat me at the Speed of Light game) so once the bowling ends, perhaps have a crack at air hockey and continue showing your dominance*

*I can only assume you’re the greatest bowler of all-time, so you’ll have to give maximum effort all-night.


Question 3:

“Know a good place to take my team for after-work drinks here in Shoreditch?” – Tim, 28, via Twitter.

My suggestion: Brewdog (51-55 Bethnal Green Rd, London, E1 6LA)

If you’ve been in London for over a week, you’ve already heard about Brewdog and how delicious their beers are. But Brewdog definitely has some features which aren’t known to some!

For example, Brewdog does a flight board for those who aren’t common with Brewdog’s fantastic craft beers! It gives you four different craft beers in tiny glasses that equates to a third of a pint and it gives you a great idea of what they offer. Their craft beer is awesome, so I would be surprised if you don’t find something that doesn’t tickle your fancy! Apart from being able to play board games, bring your dog to the venue (I’m fully serious), they also serve fantastic food so it could be quite the night set up for your team!

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