(English) Tails Cocktails Launches In Tesco Stores

Tails Cocktails have recently launched a range of their pre-mixed cocktails at over 340 Tesco stores in the UK. Tesco will have four Tails pre-mixed cocktails in stock which includes their Elderflower Collins, Berry Mojito, Moscow Mule and their slightly more expensive Espresso Martini which go for £8 and £10 respectively.
Tails was created back in 2009 after creator, Nick Wall, felt that there was a lack of convenience in cocktails as “they were limited and expensive and being able to enjoy quality cocktails at home was beyond imagination”. Nick took it upon himself to create some cocktails recipes and after finding some successful concoctions, he was able launch Tails in Selfridges.
Whilst it may be a secret to what exactly goes on in the recipes development, the Tails cocktails are crafted with the co-operation of several cocktail experts including “mixologists, distillers, chefs, scientists and flavour experts”. Collaboration is the name of the game for Tails, as they’ve created several of their cocktails by using other brands, such as Bacardi and Damrak. This is something Nick Wall hopes to continue as “we are always looking to do more collaborations if it makes sense to the cocktail”.
What’s next for Tails includes looking at some export markets, as Tails have been generating a lot of buzz in Scandinavia and Australia. The company is also hoping to win yet another award at the Spirt Business Awards as they did back in December 2016.
Tails Cocktails launch will have several displays and in-store tastings, so visit your local Tesco to find out more.