Baileys Launches ‘Popular’ Iced Coffee

The Irish coffee liqueur juggernaut, Baileys, has recently released a range of alcoholic iced coffee called Baileys Iced Coffee. The two flavours that were released, Latte and Mocha, were seen by market research as the two most popular flavours in the iced coffee category.   Baileys Iced Coffee is made with real milk and Baileys […]

William Grant & Sons launches new Hendrick’s Gin, `Orbium´

The independent, family-owned Scottish company William Grant & Sons have recently launched, Orbium, a quininated gin that’s meant to give you a taste of what “Hendrick’s might taste like in a parallel universe”.   The gin launched earlier in the month and was created by Hendricks master distiller, Lesley Gracie. The term quininated refers to […]

The Return of Black Death Vodka

  After being banned for several years, the immensely popular, Black Death Vodka, is making its grand return. The vodka was originally released in 1987 and was extremely popular, selling over 120 million bottles and cans by 1995. However due to having the tagline ‘promising poison and plague but delivering only vodka’, the company came […]

Pops – The Summer Sensation of 2017

If there’s one thing that people get nostalgic about around the summer, it’s ice popsicles. But British based company, Pops, is looking to play on these emotions by combining ice popsicles with a range of alcoholic beverages. The premium brand is backed by various celebrities including The Chainsmokers, Idris Elba and Miley Cyrus and is […]

Cloudbreak Spirits Launches Low-Sugar Coconut Rum

Cloudbreak Spirits, a newly formed drinks company, will be launching a brand-new line of coconut rum called Aluna. The rum will have a significantly lower sugar content than a lot of its competitors. This is an excellent move by Cloudbreak Spirits as there’s been a huge boost in health-conscious products.   The Aluna Coconut Rum […]